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Ivone Jiménez Munt

Scientific Staff


+34 93 634 4650 ext. 440659




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Educational Background

  • Ph. D., 1999, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona. Advisor: M. Fernàndez. Title: Numerical modelling of lithospheric deformation. Application to the Azores-Gibraltar region.
  • M. Sc., 1997, Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona
  • B.S c., 1994, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona


Research Interests

  • Study of neotectonics and geodynamic processes.
  • Developing thermal and mechanical numerical models to study the lithosphere deformation, UHURU.
  • Connection with the seismicity and geodetic deformation.
  • Rheology of the Earth.

Zones of interest

  • Mediterranean region
  • Africa-Eurasia plate boundary Alpine chain: Neotectonic studies and Lithosphere structure: Gorringe Bank and NW Moroccan Margin
  • Caribbean plate
  • Tibetan Plateau
  • Zagros Mountain
  • Atlas Mountain


Active Projects

Past Projects














Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, E. Saura, J. Vergés, and D. Garcia-Castellanos (2012), 3-D lithospheric structure and regional/residual Bouguer anomalies in the Arabia-Eurasia collision (Iran), Geophysical Journal International, 190(3), 1311-1324.

Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, J. Vergés, D. Garcia-Castellanos, J. Fullea, M. Pérez-Gussinyé, and J. C. Afonso (2011), Decoupled crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW Moroccan margin, Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 116(8).

Valera, J. L., A. M. Negredo, and I. Jiménez-Munt (2011), Deep and near-surface consequences of root removal by asymmetric continental delamination, Tectonophysics, 502(1-2), 257-265.

Vergés, J., E. Saura, E. Casciello, M. Fernàndez, A. Villaseñor, I. Jiménez-Munt, and D. García-Castellanos (2011), Crustal-scale cross-sections across the NW Zagros belt: Implications for the Arabian margin reconstruction, Geological Magazine, 148(5-6), 739-761.

Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, J. Vergés, J. C. Afonso, D. Garcia-Castellanos, and J. Fullea (2010), Lithospheric structure of the Gorringe Bank: Insights into its origin and tectonic evolution, Tectonics, 29(5).

Vergés, J., E. Saura, E. Casciello, M. Fernàndez, I. Jiménez-Munt, D. García-Castellanos, S. Homke, D. Hunt, and I. Sharp (2010), Late cretaceous to present protracted convergence between Arabia and Iran.

Vilà, M., M. Fernández, and I. Jiménez-Munt (2010), Radiogenic heat production variability of some common lithological groups and its significance to lithospheric thermal modeling, Tectonophysics, 490(3-4), 152-164.

Garcia-Castellanos, D., F. Estrada, I. Jiménez-Munt, C. Gorini, M. Fernández, J. Vergés, and R. De Vicente (2009), Catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisis, Nature, 462(7274), 778-781.

Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, J. Vergés, and J. P. Platt (2008), Lithosphere structure underneath the Tibetan Plateau inferred from elevation, gravity and geoid anomalies, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 267(1-2), 276-289.

Jiménez-Munt, I., and J. P. Platt (2006), Influence of mantle dynamics on the topographic evolution of the Tibetan Plateau: Results from numerical modeling, Tectonics, 25(6).

Jiménez-Munt, I., D. Garcia-Castellanos, and M. Fernandez (2005), Thin-sheet modelling of lithospheric deformation and surface mass transport, Tectonophysics, 407(3-4), 239-255.

Jiménez-Munt, I., D. Garcia-Castellanos, A. M. Negredo, and J. P. Platt (2005), Gravitational and tectonic forces controlling postcollisional deformation and the present-day stress field of the Alps: Constraints from numerical modeling, Tectonics, 24(5), 1-15.

Negredo, A. M., I. Jiménez-Munt, and A. Villasenor (2004), Evidence for eastward mantle flow beneath the Caribbean plate from neotectonic modeling, Geophysical Research Letters, 31(6), L06615 06611-06614.

Jiménez-Munt, I., and A. M. Negredo (2003), Neotectonic modelling of the western part of the Africa-Eurasia plate boundary: From the Mid-Atlantic ridge to Algeria, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 205(3-4), 257-271.

Jiménez-Munt, I., R. Sabadini, A. Gardi, and G. Bianco (2003), Active deformation in the mediterranean from Gibraltar to Anatolia inferred from numerical modeling and geodetic and seismological data, Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 108(1).

Jiménez-Munt, I., and R. Sabadini (2002), The block-like behavior of Anatolia envisaged in the modeled and geodetic strain rates, Geophysical Research Letters, 29(20), 39-31.

Jiménez-Munt, I., P. Bird, and M. Fernàndez (2001), Thin-shell modeling of neotectonics in the Azores-Gilbraltar region, Geophysical Research Letters, 28(6), 1083-1086.

Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, M. Torne, and P. Bird (2001), The transition from linear to diffuse plate boundary in the Azores-Gibraltar region: Results from a thin-sheet model, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192(2), 175-189.

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