Academic profiles

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Educational Background

  • 2014 Ph.D in Earth Sciences (spec. carbonate sedimentology and paleontology), University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2009 Degree in Geology, University of Barcelona, Spain


Research Interests

  • Carbonate sedimentology and basin analysis
  • Cretaceous carbonate systems of Iberia and the Middle East
  • Reservoir geology of fractured carbonates (cores and image logs interpretation, field analogues)


Active Projects






Williams, R. M., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Gutmanis, J. C., & Paton, G. S. (2017). Closing the seismic resolution gap of fractures through seismic and image-log analysis, a North Sea case study. Interpretation, 5, SJ21-SJ30.


Pascual-Cebrian, E., Götz, S., Bover-Arnal, T., Skelton, P. W., Gili, E., Salas, R., Stinnesbeck, W. (2016). Calcite/aragonite ratio fluctuations in Aptian rudist bivalves: Correlation with changing temperatures. Geology, 44, 135-138.

Bover-Arnal, T., Moreno-Bedmar, J. A., Frijia, G., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Salas, R. (2016). Chronostratigraphy of the Barremian–Early Albian of the Maestrat Basin (E Iberian Peninsula): integrating strontium-isotope stratigraphy and ammonoid biostratigraphy. Newsletters on Stratigraphy, 49, 41-68.


Bover-Arnal, T., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Skelton, P. W., Gili, E., Salas, R. (2015). Patterns in the distribution of Aptian rudists and corals within a sequence-stratigraphic framework (Maestrat Basin, E Spain). Sedimentary Geology, 321, 86-104.

Tajika, A., Naglik, C., Morimoto, N., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Hennhöfer, D., Klug, C. (2015). Empirical 3D model of the conch of the Middle Jurassic ammonite microconch Normannites: its buoyancy, the physical effects of its mature modifications and speculations on their function. Historical Biology, 27(2), 181-191.


Pascual-Cebrian, E., Götz, S., Hennhöfer, D. (2013). High resolution and true colour grinding tomography of rudist bivalves, exemplified with the taxonomic revision of Mathesia darderi (Astre). Caribbean Journal of Earth Science, 45, 35-46.

Pascual-Cebrian, E., Hennhöfer, D., Götz, S. (2013). 3D morphometry of polyconitid rudist bivalves based on grinding tomography. Facies, 59, 347-358.

Hennhöfer, D., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Korbar, T., Stinnesbeck, W., Götz, S. (2013). Radiolitid rudist colonisation strategies and biostrome development in moderate-energy inner platform environments (Campanian, Brač Island, Croatia). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, and Palaeoecology, 403, 80-87.


Kiel, S., Götz, S., Pascual-Cebrian, E., Hennhöfer, D. (2012). Fossilized digestive systems in 23 million-year-old wood-boring bivalves. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 78(4), 349-356.

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