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Educational Background

  • 1998-99 Visiting Researcher at Norsk Hydro Research Center, Norway
  • 1990-92 Post-doc at University of Oxford, UK
  • 1988-90 Post-doc at Lamont Earth Observatory, University of Columbia. USA
  • 1988 Ph.D., Geology, Universitat de Barcelona


Research Interests

My main research interest is the study of the structure and composition of the earth’s lithosphere and its interaction with the asthenosphere. In particular, most of my research activities are focused on three main objectives:

  • The study of the crustal and lithospheric structure and properties.
  • The study of the long-term evolution of the lithosphere coupling surface and deep processes.
  • The development of 2D and 3D models using gravity, geoid, elevation and thermal data.


Active Projects

Past Projects














Previous publications

Pedreira, D., J. A. Pulgar, J. Gallart, and M. Torné (2007), Three-dimensional gravity and magnetic modeling of crustal indentation and wedging in the western Pyrenees-Cantabrian Mountains, Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 112(12).

Fernàndez, M., C. Ayala, M. Torne, J. Vergés, M. Gómez, and R. Karpus (2005), Lithospheric structure of the Mid-Norwegian Margin: Comparison between the Møre and Vøring margins, Journal of the Geological Society, 162(6), 1005-1012.

Pinto, V., A. Casas, L. Rivero, and M. Torné (2005), 3D gravity modeling of the Triassic salt diapirs of the Cubeta Alavesa (northern Spain), Tectonophysics, 405(1-4), 65-75.

Fernández, M., M. Torne, D. Garcia-Castellanos, J. Vergés, W. Wheeler, and R. Karpuz (2004), Deep structure of the Vøring Margin: The transition from a continental shield to a young oceanic lithosphere, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 221(1-4), 131-144.

Fernàndez, M., I. Marzán, and M. Torne (2004), Lithospheric transition from the Variscan Iberian Massif to the Jurassic oceanic crust of the Central Atlantic, Tectonophysics, 386(1-2), 97-115.

Gómez, M., J. Vergés, M. Fernàndez, M. Torne, C. Ayala, W. Wheeler, and R. Karpuz (2004), Extensional geometry of the Mid Norwegian Margin before Early Tertiary continental breakup, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 21(2), 177-194.

Ayala, C., M. Torne, and J. Pous (2003), The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary in the western Mediterranean from 3D joint gravity and geoid modeling: Tectonic implications, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 209(3-4), 275-290.

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Garcia-Castellanos, D., M. Fernández, and M. Torne (2002), Modeling the evolution of the Guadalquivir foreland basin (southern Spain), Tectonics, 21(3), 9-1 - 9-17.

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Jiménez-Munt, I., M. Fernàndez, M. Torne, and P. Bird (2001), The transition from linear to diffuse plate boundary in the Azores-Gibraltar region: Results from a thin-sheet model, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192(2), 175-189.

Carbonell, R., J. Gallart, and M. Torné (2000), Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continent and their Margins - Preface, Tectonophysics, 329(1–4), vii-viii, doi:

Garcia-Castellanos, D., M. Torne, and M. Fernàndez (2000), Slab pull effects from a flexural analysis of the Tonga and Kermadec trenches (Pacific Plate), Geophysical Journal International, 141(2), 479-484.

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