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Educational Background


  • Ph. D., 1991, Geophysics University of Wyoming, USA
  • M. Sc., 1986, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona
  • B. Sc., 1985, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona 


Research Interests

My primary scientific interests are within Earth's Sciences developing research in basic and applied science. I develop research in the characterization of the lithosphere. addressing the structure and physical properties of the continental crust and upper mantle. I have worked at different scales, different depths and different tectonic scenarios. This research required relatively high resolution subsurface imaging techniques. Therefore, I have participated in a number of active source seismic reflection experiments in different parts of the world. These studies were aimed to unravel the structure and tectonics of active plate margins, modern orogenic belts, extensional tectonic areas. The study areas include: the Gulf of California, the Ural Mountain Chain, the Basin and Range, the Southern Iberia peninsula, the Atlas Mountains. In general, I am interested in indirect subsurface imaging and have contributed to the generation of images of the subsurface using high resolution geophysical methods for environmental studies and building of infrastructures, $CO_2$ geological storage deposits. Another aspect of my research is devoted to developing innovative seismic data processing/imaging approaches. These include schemes for depth imaging, migration and inversion algorithms for vertical-incidence and wide-angle seismic data. Modelling of the wave propagation phenomena to compute seismograms is also a key topic within my research.

Research Topics

  • Seismic imaging.
  • Multi-component seismic reflection (normal incidence and wide-angle) data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and modelling.
  • Seismic wave propagation through complex media.
  • Resolution of the inverse problem in seismics.
  • Seismic Oceanography: Imaging the structures within the water column in the oceans to constraing its internal dynamics (internal waves, eddies, turbulence, etc)
  • High resolution seismic techniques applied to problems related to the shallow subsurface structure, groundwater and enviromental assesment.
  • Reflection seismology applied to understanding the structure, nature, genesis and growth, (i.e evolution) of the earth's continental crust. Composition and physical properties of the crust and upper mantle.


Active Projects

Past Projects















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