The 2023 edition of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly is just around the corner, scheduled to take place both on-site in Vienna and virtually from 23 to 28 April.

Among presenters at this year's EGU General Assembly are researchers from Geosciences Barcelona (GEO3BCN-CSIC), who will be showcasing their cutting-edge work once again. Their presentations cover a diverse range of geoscientific disciplines, including digital twin on Earth Sciences, geochemistry, volcanology dissemination, geodynamics, and seismology.

The EGU General Assembly is known for its extensive program of sessions covering a wide range of geoscientific topics, providing a platform for scientists to exchange ideas, present their research, and engage in fruitful discussions. This event is the largest geosciences' conference in Europe, drawing in over 14,000 scientists worldwide.

As the countdown begins for the 2023 EGU General Assembly, we present the scheduled communications, authored or co-authored by GEO3BCN-CSIC and raised in the EGU 2023.

Monday, 24 April

EGU23-5807 | Orals | ESSI2.8 - 8:35–08:45 | Room 0.16

The EuroHPC Center of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth. Arnau Folch, Josep DelaPuente, Antonio Costa, Benedikt Halldórson, Jose Gracia, Piero Lanucara, Michael Bader, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Jorge Macías, Finn Lovholt, Vadim Montellier, Alexandre Fournier, Erwan Raffin, Thomas Zwinger, Clea Denamiel, Boris Kaus, and Laetitia le Pourhiet.

EGU23-5344 | Orals | GM2.2 | Highlight - 10:05–10:15 | Room G1

Tracking storms in the Pyrenees using a dense seismic network. Jordi Diaz, Mario Ruiz, Mireia Udina, Francesc Polls, Davis Martí, and Joan Bech.

EGU23-14361 | Posters on site | TS1.3 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.197

Evidence of Synorogenic Extension in the Upper-Middle Crust in Central Taiwan. Olivia Lozano Blanco, Björn Lund, Puy Ayarza, Joaquina Álvarez-Marrón, Dennis Brown, and Yih-Min Wu

Tuesday, 25 April

EGU23-3895 | Orals | GMPV7.5 - 11:45–11:55 |

Noble gas geochemistry to explore the sources of magma feeding the Antarctic submarine volcanism in Bransfield Strait (NW Antarctica). Antonio Polo Sánchez, Antonio Caracausi, Antonio M. Álvarez-Valero, Adelina Geyer, and Laura Insinga

EGU23-12600 | Posters on site | GMPV7.5 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.173

Compositional and textural tephra characteristics of the 1970 eruption at Deception Island (Antarctica): Implications for volcanic hazards. Joaquin Hopfenblatt, Adelina Geyer, Meritxell Aulinas, Antonio Polo-Sánchez, Dario Pedrazzi, Antonio M. Álvarez-Valero, Oriol Vilanova, Raimón Pallàs, and Josep M. Casas

Room D2EGU23-8282 | Posters on site | TS3.4 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.256

Physics-based modeling of earthquakes in slow deforming areas: a case study from the Eastern Betic Fault System (SE Spain). Paula Herrero-Barbero, José A. Álvarez-Gómez, Charles Williams, Pilar Villamor, Meaza Tsige, Juan M. Insua-Arévalo, Jorge Alonso-Henar, and José J. Martínez-Díaz

EGU23-13509 | Posters on site | TS3.4 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.254

Unsupervised clustering to jointly interpret geophysical datasets across the Alhama de Murcia active fault, Spain. Adrià Hernandez i Pineda, Tural Feyzullayev, Ignacio Marzan, Juan Alcalde, David Martí, and Ramon Carbonell

EGU23-9656 | Posters on site | GMPV7.5 | 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.172

Influence of the basement on the eruptive dynamics: the case of the Puig de la Banya del Boc volcano, Garrotxa Volcanic Field, NE Iberian Peninsula. Daniela Cerda, Dario Pedrazzi, Adelina Geyer, Joan Martí, Meritxell Aulinas, Llorenç Planagumà, and Xavier de Bolós

EGU23-15827 | Orals | TS3.3 - 16:25 – 16:35 - Room D1

Pre-conditioned seismic attributes applied to deep vintage seismic reflection line: enhancing fault patterns on the Italian CROP-04. Maurizio Ercoli, Filippo Carboni, Assel Akimbekova A, Ramon B. Carbonell, and Massimiliano R. Barchi

EGU23-429 | PICO | ITS3.6/BG8.5 - 16:20–16:22 - PICO spot 2 | PICO2.1

Geochemical carbon dioxide removal potential of Spain. Fernando Tornos, Liam Bullock, José-Luis Fernandez-Turiel, and Juan Alcalde

EGU23-13706 | Posters on site | ERE3.1 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X4 | X4.147

IESDB – A comprehensive database of evaporite structures in Iberia. Juan Alcalde, Eloi González-Esvertit, and Enrique Gómez-Rivas

EGU23-866 | Posters on site | EOS1.1 - 16:15–18:00 - Hall X2 | X2.2

Volcanoes in motion: El Hierro and La Palma (Canary Islands). Fernandez-Turiel J.L., Perez-Torrado F.J., Rodriguez-Gonzalez A., Cabrera M.C., Carracedo J.C., Moreno-Medina C., Criado C., Aulinas M., Prieto-Torrell C.

Wednesday, 26 April

EGU23-8444 | Posters on site | GMPV7.2 - 10:45–12:30   Hall X2 | X2.124

Eruptive processes and landforms recognition in the Garrotxa Volcanic Field, Iberian Peninsula. Dario Pedrazzi, Daniela Cerda, Jordi Granell, Gabor Kerestzuri, Adelina Geyer, Llorenç Planagumà, Joan Martí, and Xavier Bolós

EGU23-5367 | Orals | SM1.1- 14:15–14:25 - Room D1

Advances in the knowledge of seismogenetic structures in the eastern edge of the Pyerenees. Mario Ruiz, Jordi Diaz, Ariadna Canari, Maria Ortuño, and Jaume Vergés

EGU23-12988 | Oral  - 15:35–15:45 |

At which temperatures do crustal earthquakes nucleate? Northwestern South America as a case study. Ángela María Gómez García,, Álvaro González, Mauro Cacace, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, and Gaspar Monsalve

X5.307 | EGU23-862 | On-site presentation - 16:15–18:00 | Hall X5

The hunter-gatherers of Abra del Toro rock shelter, northwestern Argentina, suffered the effects of the large 4.2 ka Cerro Blanco eruption. Jose-Luis Fernandez-Turiel, Juan Pablo Carbonelli, and Carlos Belotti López de Medina

Thursday, 27 April

EGU23-5674 | Posters on site | ESSI2.10 - 08:30–10:15 - Hall X4 | X4.17

Digital Twinning of Geophysical Extreme Phenomena (DT-GEO). Ramon Carbonell, Arnau Folch, Antonio Costa, Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Piero Lanucara, Finn Løvholt, Jorge Macias, Sascha Brune, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Sara Barsotti, Joern Behrens, Jorge Gomes, Jean Schmittbuhl, Carmela Freda, Joanna Kocot, Domenico Giardini, Michael Afanasiev, Helen Galves, and Rosa Badia

EGU23-15220 | Orals | SSP2.1 - 11:15–11:25 - Room G1

Magnetostratigraphy and stable isotopes record of Paleogene global climate events in a 30Myr expanded foreland basin succession, Isabena river, Southern Pyrenees, Spain. Luis Valero, Thierry Adatte, Bet Beamud, Miguel Garcés, Miguel López-Blanco, Sharma Nikhil, Emmanuelle Chanvry, Marta Roigé, Sabi Peris, François Guillocheau, Alexander C. Whittaker, Pau Arbués, Cai Puigdefabregas, and Sébastien Castelltort

EGU23-14009 | Orals | SM5.4 - 12:20–12:30 - Room 0.16

Geophysical-petrological model for bidirectional mantle delamination of the Adria microplate beneath the Apennines and Dinarides orogenic systemsIvone Jimenez-Munt, Wentao Zhang, Montserrat Torné, Jaume Vergés, Estefanía Bravo-Gutierrez, Ana M Negredo, Eugenio Carminati, and Daniel Garcia-Castellanos

EGU23-9451 | Posters on site | SM5.4 - 14:00–15:45 - Hall X2 | X2.147

Imaging the upper crust in the eastern Pyrenees with ambient seismic noise. Sergi Ventosa, Martin Schimmel, Jordi Díaz, and Mario Ruiz

Friday, 28 April

EGU23-8471 | Posters on site | GD4.4 - 08:30–10:15 - Hall X2 | X2.120

Numerical modelling of opposing subduction in the Western Mediterranean. Mireia Peral Millán, Manel Fernàndez, Jaume Vergés, Sergio Zlotnik, and Ivone Jiménez-Munt

EGU23-5878 | Virtual Poster - 10:45–12:30

Efficiency of carbon dioxide removal by ocean alkalinity enhancement via enhanced weathering of mine tailings. Jennifer Weeks (presenting author), Samar Khatiwala, Liam Bullock, and Aidong Yang

EGU23-9712 | Posters on site | GMPV7.3 | OSPP: volunteer to judge - 10:45–12:30 - Hall X2 | X2.74

Ba, Sr and Rb feldspar/melt partitioning in the basanite-phonolite suite from Teide-Pico Viejo volcanic complex, Tenerife. Olaya Dorado, John A. Wolff, Frank Ramos, and Joan Marti

EGU23-384 | Posters on site | ERE4.4 - 14:00–15:45 – Hall X4 | X4.140

Experimental investigation of multiple industrial wastes for geochemical carbon dioxide removal strategies. Liam Bullock (presenting author), José-Luis Fernandez-Turiel, and David Benavente

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